Service Offering

Custom Healthcare and Medical Software Development

Estenda is not the organization you just hand requirements to, and we come back with a finished product. That approach is not going to be successful. Instead, throughout the project lifecycle, Estenda adds value by engaging with you to understand your requirements and craft the optimal digital healthcare software solution to meet your business or clinical needs. We strive to help your customers, patients, subjects, and you develop the best solution.

Every project is unique, especially in the world of digital health. Partnering with a technology team and custom software development that takes your project vision to heart, is truly focused on quality, and is realistic about deploying new technologies is the key to success. We invest time to understand the unique context of each project, allowing us to exceed expectations consistently.

Estenda combines world-class custom software design, development, and testing proficiency with deep domain knowledge and experience in digital health. Twenty years of successful client/partner engagements with delighted customers is a testament to our abilities.

Custom Healthcare and Medical Software Development Services