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Data Analytics

Digital Health generates large volumes of  healthcare, medical, device data and/or images and the pace of accumulating it is only increasing as technology proliferates throughout our daily lives. Clinical data is more critical than ever, but patient tracking of self-monitoring data offers new opportunities for care and treatment. As we expand the use of genomic and proteomic data not to discount images, audio, and video, the amount of data is staggering.

Clinical decision systems, dashboards, and artificial intelligence (AI) systems depend on healthcare data analytics. That data must be curated, cleaned, normalized, transformed, and made available. Creating effective data governance strategies and processes takes experience. Crafting the right digital healthcare software solution to access and analyze the data and images allows it to be effectively transformed into information, knowledge, and ultimately wisdom.

Estenda has wide-ranging and diverse experience working with data. We have enterprise experience with AWS and Azure handling billions of records and millions of images navigating global regulatory and privacy regulations from HIPAA to GDPR.

Data and Image Analytics