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Drew Lewis

Co-Founder / CEO / President

Mr. Lewis has over 25 years of experience in information technology consulting. He and Mr. Kedziora founded Estenda Solutions, Inc. in 2003 with the desire to improve the cost-effectiveness of research technologies for diabetes.

Overseeing all aspects of Estenda, Mr. Lewis focuses on developing research innovations for diabetic retinopathy screening, conducting research that demonstrates Estenda’s interventions have a meaningful impact on the quality of life for patients and managing client relationships. Mr. Lewis’s expertise and experience allow him to bridge the gap between the technical aspects of software development and the clinical nature of healthcare.

Mr. Lewis has lead Estenda through 19 years of profitable growth while diversifying the client portfolio and developing a strong reputation for commitment and quality within Estenda’s market.

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Estenda Solutions

At Estenda, we know that building custom software for digital therapeutics is the optimal choice for healthcare providers to deliver patient-centric treatments.