Estenda Open Access

Open Access Publications

Open Access Publications play a pivotal role in advancing healthcare research and promoting global medical progress.

By providing unrestricted and free access to the latest findings, studies, and medical knowledge, Open Access publications empower healthcare professionals, researchers, and even patients to stay informed and make evidence-based decisions.

At Estenda, we are strong proponents of this practice and participate fully, and believe this accessibility breaks down barriers to information, fosters collaboration and accelerates the dissemination of groundbreaking discoveries.

Moreover, Open Access ensures that medical advancements are not confined to exclusive audiences, thereby democratizing knowledge and promoting more equitable healthcare practices worldwide.

Ultimately, the importance of Open Access Publications in healthcare research lies in their ability to drive innovation, enhance patient care, and contribute to the overall betterment of public health.

We are also very proud of our staff who have contributed & participated in a wealth of research projects bringing their efforts and findings to publication.  Check below for the research Estenda has and continues to participate in!

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