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Jeff Stainback

Vice President of Quality Management

Mr. Stainback has 20+ years of experience in quality assurance for software development and process improvement projects. He began testing and writing documentation for Estenda, eventually expanding his role to software development management and overseeing quality. Mr. Stainback was directly responsible for Estenda achieving ISO 13485 certification.

In his role as Vice President of Quality Management, Mr. Stainback is responsible for the ongoing quality of product delivery and continual improvement of our processes to meet regulatory requirements and the needs of our clients. In addition, he handles customer support for the IHS-JVN project, providing strategies for solving issues quickly and accurately. Mr. Stainback is motivated by the fact that Estenda’s products and services improve the quality of life for patients and make the workflow of the people who use them more efficient.

Mr. Stainback holds a B.A. in Japanese from the University of Pittsburgh.

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