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Saturn Care is a digital health platform combining care management, population health and patient engagement solutions into a common platform designed to integrate with disparate data sources including EMRs, labs, practice management, pharmacy and remote patient monitoring services. One platform reduces the need for multiple integrations across information sources reducing overall deployment costs and providing a richer experience in managing your practice. Managed in the cloud or deployed locally Saturn Care is dedicated to the privacy and security of your data and meeting the needs of today’s demanding enterprises and the requirements of HIPAA.

Saturn Care consists of several major components, including role-based HIPAA compliant security, patient management and care planning, patient communication capabilities through a web and mobile portal, case management, outcomes tracking, surveys, reporting, and workflow and alerts.

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Comprehensive Diabetes Management Program (CDMP) More..
Comprehensive Diabetes Management Program

In the early 2000s, Estenda Solutions began a project for the development of a diabetes disease management application funded by the Department of Defense and envisioned by Dr. Sven Bursell, then at the Joslin Diabetes Center and now at the University of Hawaii. This application would facilitate patient care and management, based on the Chronic Care Model, and create a holistic view of the patient - uniquely combining clinical and patient behavioral data.

Designed from the start to be interoperable with electronic medical record systems available with the Department of Defense, CDMP was successfully built and deployed at multiple institutions where it is used for patient care and research. CDMP's flexible nature combined with its use of open source software evolved into the Estenda Healthcare Informatics Platform (eHIP).

Extensive information about the diabetes solution is available on the CDMP wiki. Please contact us if you’d like to access a demo. Vist the CDMP wiki for more information.

Joslin Vision Network More..

Estenda is the primary development partner for a large consortium dedicated to reducing the incidence of preventable blindness among people with diabetes. By utilizing a secure telemedicine model, we are able to deploy technician operated retinal imaging equipment in a wide variety of locations and have the images remotely evaluated by highly trained retinal specialists. Estenda supports imaging modalities in over 90 locations from tiny Native American tribal clinics to some of the most well-respected and advanced diabetes specialty practices.

Utilizing CDMP, Estenda was able to build the latest generation study evaluation and reporting platform in half the time of previous versions, while adding significant additional functionality.

JVN Retinal Image Research Project More..
JVN Retinal Image

A web application designed to support the evaluation, recording, and analysis for diabetic retinopathy in images acquired with various retinal imaging devices for comparative validation studies. The application provides standardized templates for retinal image grading that can be customized for the needs of each particular research study.

CARPA Mobile App More..

CARPA Mobile is an Android tablet application that integrates with the CDMP database to display read-only patient demographics and health information, and administer health surveys and health education media for patient encounters, which are recorded and transferred back into CDMP system for clinical review.

TrackMyDiabetes More..
Diabetes managment

A web application that allows patients to track all aspects of their lives that affect their diabetes, like medications, physical activity, food intake, blood sugar, and weight, while also providing actionable advice about daily living and how to improve overall health and well-being.

Community Driven Research More..
Community-Driven Research

Estenda won honorable mention in the 2013 PCORI Challenge Initiative for its online community prototype that allows patients, caregivers, and researchers to share and rank topics and ideas and to find interested collaborators.

Community-Driven Research is for people with an interest in helping guide health and health care research, or simply an interest in seeing what others have to say about health-related topics. There are two ways to get actively involved with Community-Driven Research – as a contributor joining the discussion, or as a researcher putting together ideas for a study and looking for input from contributors.

MissNoMeds More..
pill dispenser

Estenda Solutions, Inc. partnered with Connected Medical Technologies (CMT) to develop a home medication management program called MissNoMeds™, which uses a pill dispensing device and a web-based communication and compliance dashboard to help people better manage their medication intake, avoiding the medication noncompliance errors that affect the quality of life and prognosis of millions of patients every year.

The web-based communication and compliance dashboard, developed by Estenda, records all medication and noncompliance events automatically. Users, and anyone they give explicit permission to, can view the record history, which presents information in graphic and tabular forms, looking at 30, 60, and 90 day trends. These features make it possible for patients to evaluate their own compliance and determine whether they need to consult with their physicians to make changes to their medications and/or schedules.

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