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We Transform Health Data into Health Improvement

Estenda is passionate about data and using it to improve our fellow human’s health and well-being. Whether creating a custom system to collect, analyze or research data, we can help you create and implement a strategy to transform the data into health improvement

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Estenda offers a broad range of digital health services. Since 2003, our unwavering mission has focused on improving the lives of our fellow humans. We have a long, successful history of working with small, medium, and large (global Fortune 50) commercial organizations, research companies, academic medical health centers, and startups and can find an approach that works for you. Estenda is ISO13485 certified and familiar with global regulatory and privacy regulations. We enjoy the challenge of creating innovation in healthcare. We handle projects such as custom healthcare software development and data analytics consulting, which help drive the frontiers of technology and science forward. How can we help you?

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Do you have an idea for a custom software solution? Not sure how to get started or where to go? Do you need help implementing data into a particular project? Or just need someone to talk to and explore an idea? We’d love to explore how we could help! Contact us today – no obligations.

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